The philosophy of “Yes we can”

My blog is about “what keeps me up at night”.  For people that never read my blog,  they get the impression that these things are things that worry me.  It couldn’t be more opposite.  It is the passion and excitment about a new idea, new opportunity and new potential that keeps me up at night.

Last night, I tossed and turned with that excitement.  Hearing the new president elect Barack Obama speaking on the theme of “Yes we can” last night resonated with me.  I was moved.   “Yes we can” is at the core of American innovation.  The same curiosity that pushed our manifest destination to expand from ocean to ocean is core American.   I’m looking forward to seeing our country move forward with an intense curiousity which was void in the last administration.  Intense curiosity makes you ask “why not” when you start to realize what the possibilities are.   If enough bright people as “why not”,  soon people are believing in “yes we can”  vs. just saying it.   I’ve always believed we can.

I’m thinking that Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. believed in yes we can.  Nearly half a century later,  the majority of Americans truly accepted a man by the “content of his character”, not just to be a friend or acquaintance, but to be their leader.  Wow.

Yes we can. One of my passions is seeking alternative energy sources.  This is the time for yes we can as it relates removing our dependence on foreign energy sources.  Anyone who doubts the possibilities should review the work that our good scientists, American scientists, are doing at the National Ignition Facility ( where they are working on nuclear fusion.  How about unlimited energy that is clean, can produce more energy than it requires to make it and we can export it to the rest of the world for a good capitalistic profit.  Why not?  Yes we can!

2 thoughts on “The philosophy of “Yes we can””

  1. Great post! I wonder how many Americans were kept up with inspiration after that night and speech.

    I love the correlation you make to innovation. I have felt inspired since Tuesday evening – and I couldn’t agree with you more.

  2. When you take the time to educate yourself on what truly is possible…then you are predisposed to saying “Yes, we can.” You know its possible.

    I’m excited to watch the team put into place on the White House staff and how they mobilize themselves, it should be really interesting and for me equally exciting when compared to the events leading up to this moment.

    So still inspired, still excited and going to stay that way.

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